Miss Nesbitt


I’m Miss Nesbitt. My first name is ‘Hannah’ is an example of a Palindrome. This is a word or number that is spelt the same backwards and forwards such as: ‘race car, ‘kayak’ and ‘taco cat’ (Google this if you want to smile!)

My surname is of Scottish decent from the barony and lands near Edrom in Berwickshire. Its meaning is ‘nose-shaped bend’. You may more commonly recognise it after being made famous by the first ever Disney Pixar film, ‘Toy Story’, with Buzz’s alter ego, ‘Mrs Nesbitt’.

I completed part of my teacher training here at Woodfall and have been lucky enough to teach Year 2 now for 4 years. One of my favourite things is sharing in the adventures of my mischievous side-kick cockapoo, Flo, with my class. She is definitely the most bathed pup in Cheshire, thanks to her love of mud and puddles!

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