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Special diets are catered for, if your child has a medical reason for their special diet requirement please provide a letter from the hospital outlining their requirements.


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Dinner Money Charges 


Infant Department (Reception to Year 2)

Universal Infant Free School Meals 

From September 2014, all state funded INFANT children (ie those in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) will be entitled to receive a free school lunch.

We are aware that not all parents will wish to take up this entitlement.  In order for us to ensure we prepare the correct number of meals each day your child will be asked during registration if they are having a hot dinner and if so, their choice from that day’s menu or if they have brought a packed lunch from home.

Please note, this is sperate to Free School Meals which is a benefit; you should still apply for FSM if you feel you may qualify as this brings in funding for school that allows for extra resources, if required, and discounts on residential trips etc.

For information on how to apply for free school meals, please click on the following link:


Nursery and Junior Departments

CurrentlySchool Meals Cost = £2.68  (from September 2023)

School meals should be paid for in advance, either weekly or half-termly as follows:

1 Week / 5 Meals = £13.40

Spring Term 2 = £64.32 (26/02/2024 to 28/03/2024 = 24 school days)


Unfortunately, due to rising costs, our caterers have been forced to increase the meal charge to £2.93 from 1st April 2024 - an increase of 25p per meal.

1 Week / 5 Meals = £14.65

Summer Term 1 = £82.04 (15/04/2024 to 23/05/2024 = 28 school days)

Summer Term 2 = £108.41 (03/06/2024 to 24/07/2024 = 37 school days)

Can we please remind parents:

  • Lunch money should be paid in advance on a Monday morning. If you wish your child to take a meal on an ad hoc basis we suggest you keep credit on your account of £13.40 which will enable them to take a lunch on 5 occasions.
  • Payment is via ParentPay only.  If you do not have an account or don't know your login details, please contact the school office.

Unfortunately, due to increasing branch closures, we can no longer accept cash or cheques.


School Meals Debt Statement for Parents / Carers

Woodfall Primary and Nursery School adopts a strict NO DEBT policy relating to school meals.

If debts are incurred, the school budget has to pay for them. This means that money which should be spent on the children’s education is used to pay for debts incurred by parents/carers.   I am sure you will all agree that this is unacceptable and we request that all parents / carers give this their full support.

If parents / carers believe that their children may qualify for Free School Meals, please complete an online eligibity application (see link above) or contact the Benefits department on 0300 123 7039.

Children will not be provided with a school lunch unless it is paid for, except those that are in receipt of Free School Meals.

If a parent / carer genuinely forgets to pay in advance, the school may grant a debt allowance of 1 meal. However this debt must be paid the following day and future meals must be paid in advance before any further meal is provided.

If the debt is not cleared parents / carers must provide a packed lunch. In a case when a debt payment is not received nor a packed lunch provided, the school will phone the parent / carer to ask them to come to school with the money or ask them to pay online immediately.

If payment of the debt is not received by the next day, the Headteacher reserves the right to begin legal proceedings against parents / carers to recover the debt.

We hope that by implementing the above we are able to help parents / carers manage school dinner money better and at the same time ensure that all money that is for children’s learning is available.


The school cooks are available daily between 9.15 and 11.30 a.m. if you wish to discuss your child's school meals / dietary requirements.


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