Head Teacher 

Mrs Hough

Mrs Hough was born and brought up in North Wales (where her love for running up mountains originated). She has lived in Florida (Jacksonville), Spain (Madrid) and in France (Nice) and is passionate about endeavouring to communicate in Welsh, Spanish and French. Mrs Hough went to Loughborough University and Homerton College, Cambridge University and loves sport; Mrs Hough played Tennis for Wales as a Junior and as a Senior and represented North Wales in Netball, Hockey and Rounders as a Junior.
Mrs Hough loves Teaching and feels very privileged indeed to be the Headteacher here at Woodfall Primary and Nursery School.

Deputy Head/SENCO

Mrs Bramham

Mrs Bramham was born in Chester, her married surname is from Yorkshire and there is actually a village called Bramham in Yorkshire!

She has Welsh blood in her on her father's side...but not much of it!

The furthest she has travelled is to Ukraine where she visited Odessa.


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Miss Nesbitt Mr Webb

Mr Davies

Miss Kilfoyle Miss Stevenson  

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Mrs Hassall

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Mr Mellor

  Mr Boot


Miss Muir


Mrs Saulnier



(Sports Coach)




1:1 Support and Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Foster-Knight   Mrs Rodney   Mrs Wigley   Mrs Roberts   Mrs Foster (SENCO Assistant)  
Miss Ebbrell   Mrs Mylchreest   Mrs Williams   Mrs Hodson   Mrs Hall  
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Mrs Jalali   Mrs Watkins   Ms Flookes   Mrs Hogan   Mrs Mills  
Mrs Monti   Miss Snellgrove   Mr Ratnaike   Miss Winckle   Mrs Cross  
Mrs Dwyer   Mr Abel   Mrs Reynolds Winstanley          


Miss Wallace  

Mrs Hill


Miss Hodgson  


Miss Lightfoot


Mrs Daly   Mrs Marsh   Mrs Irmak   Mrs Lawrenson



Mrs Graham           Mrs Smith           Mrs Johnson           Mrs Dunn


Before and After School Club:

Sam Johnstone.JPG   Lisa Cranston (2).jpg  
     Mrs Abel     Mrs Cranston      




Mid-day Assistants:

Miss Williams Miss Bradley Mrs O Connor Mrs Mars     Mrs Lindley
Mrs Roberts-Jones Mrs Connolly  Mrs Taylor       Mrs Wharton






Cleaning Staff:

Mrs Fisher Mrs Gibson




Premises Staff:


Mr Evans

          Mr Woosey

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