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Hello, Hej, Hallo, Bonjour...
I'm Vicky Dalgaard Hassall. I was born in Denmark to a Danish mum and English dad. My dad decided to move to Denmark to live and work when he was 25.

My maiden name (before I was married) was Vicky Dalgaard Jones - which really wasn't a Danish sounding name at all. Many people would ask where my name came from and if I was Danish. They would sometimes be surprised when they found out that I could speak both Danish and English - I got teased quite a bit about it too. I used to move schools a lot when I was little so I got very good at telling people all about my background. I loved learning languages in school and by the time I was at High School I studied Danish, English, French, German and Latin.

When I was 18 I moved to England to study and to live. First I went to university in Manchester, then studied to be a teacher in Canterbury and lived in Kent for 3 years. We mainly speak English in my house but Lucas and I talk to my mum and sister and other family, who are still in Denmark, in Danish.

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