Language Explorers Activity Pack (LEAP)

A sequence of activities ( See LEAP pdf) to revisit and practise familiar language, grammar or phonics including class activity sheet and outdoor follow up cross-curricular activity. Can be used by children both in school or at home. Select the stage most appropriate to the learner.( Stage 1 to 4) 


French KS2 - Retrieval exercises for the Summer

Click on the links to revisit learnt vocab from the scheme of work



Home learning French booklets are now available 

Check the new home learning booklets for all 4 stages. This is a printable resource that you can do at your own pace.  

Bonne chance! ( Good luck) 


New! Circuit breakers - Autumn 1

Year 3 (Stage 1)


Year 4 (Stage 2) 


Year 5&6 ( Stage 3 & 4)



The home learning grid ( click link below)


This is your home learning grid, one page with a number of activities for all stages of language learning. For each language learning stage, we have selected five topics from the Scheme of Work, and within each topic we have put three buttons: 

   A is for Activity – this is the QR code sheet on which the children will have six QR codes they can scan and play games using a phone or tablet

  K is for Knowledge Organiser – now that the audio has been added, the children can now practise the key vocabulary and phonics for their topic and share it with their family at home

 V is for Video – this is a native speaker video that the children can watch, and join in with any activities


Learn French while having fun! 

'French Games' is a free website for young learners which offers a complete set of French lessons to learn or revise French topics, games to practise and tests to check understanding.

 Please follow the online parents'userguide, explore together and stay safe online. 


French Resources - Aunt Katie's Place


Topics I should know

Topics I should learn

Year 3

Numbers 1-10

Numbers 1-20



Food- fruits

Food- vegetables

School – classroom objects

Grammar- Adjectives ( 1)

Year 4



Animals – pets

Animal- farms


Place- where you live

People- clothes(1)

People- clothes(2)

Grammar- Adjectives (1& 2)


Year 5

Numbers 1-100

World –weather

World- European country

Time- Spring and summer

Time – autumn and Winter  

Place- where you live

People- Family members

People- siblings


 Numbers 1-100 ( 1 )

Place – meeting places

Place- places in town

Place – shops

Body- part of the body

People- portrait

People appearance

Grammar – verbs ( 1)

Year 6

Time- what time is it?

School ( all)

Food  (all)



Numbers 1-100 (2)

Activity- Hobbies

Activity- Sports

Activity- Holidays

Grammar ( verbs

Grammar – preposition


Quizlet Vocabulary Games




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