Year 3 2019 - 2020

Miss Kilfoyle



Welcome to Year 3

We have two Year 3 classes: 3S and 3K.


Class Teacher: Miss Sumner

Learning Support: Miss Williams


Class Teacher: Miss Kilfoyle

Learning Support: Miss Winckle

Home Learning 

We hope you have been enjoying your time at home and the beautiful summer sunshine! We are going to give you lots of different learning challenges that you can do in the comfort of your own home, where you are safe and happy. We are incredibly proud of you for everything that you have achieved so far and we will continue to support you.

1st July 2020

Dear Year 3,

How are you all? We have been very busy teaching a bubble of Reception children. We are so lucky and thoroughly enjoying the experience. The children’s behaviour is exceptional and they work really hard, just like all of you! We are still here for you and continue to think about you all. You are kind, talented and creative and you are doing an amazing job of keeping yourselves safe. Well done superstars!

We are now in July, the seventh month of the year that has thirty-one days. Do you know that the month of July is named after a Roman general who was called Julius Caesar? I can’t wait to embrace the warm month of July by devouring delicious picnics, admiring beautiful roses and going for long hikes in my local area. What are you looking forward to doing in July? However you like to spend your time, make sure you stay safe, alert and follow the rules that are set by your grown-ups. Focus on what you can do and what you have got in your life. The best things in life are free and often right underneath our noses!

I have finished making my lockdown scrap book and I am very proud of it! I hope I can share it with you one day. Who knows, it might even end up in a museum in the future! It is full of lockdown diary extracts, photos, letters and pictures. I love History and finding out about the past and I hope my scrap book teaches people in the future about what life was like in 2020. I know that some of you have also made scrap books and you should also feel very proud of yourselves.

Have you been reading and do you have any book recommendations? Please let me know as I love getting lost in a book, I have travelled all over the world in my imagination! I also love reading non-fiction books and I have been reading a fascinating book about the Stone Age. I am going to start reading a new book called ‘Neston – Stone Age to Steam Age’ because I am desperate to find out what Neston was like in the Stone Age. I love learning and the more you read, the more you discover!

I am writing you this letter in the evening and I am starting to feel tired. It’s important that I go and relax now so I am going to do some colouring in! Please make sure that you spend time relaxing as it is an important part of having a healthy lifestyle. Jigsaws, walks, bike rides, cooking, reading and being with nature are my favourite ways to relax. How do you relax? Have a look in our folder called ‘Wellbeing and Mindfulness’ as it has some excellent suggestions and ideas. I love choosing a positive question (in the folder under ‘Positive Questions’) and I think and talk about it when I am on my walk.

Mrs Howard and Mrs Harker-Dempsey have continued to contribute to our page and I would like to thank them for their hard work. They are doing a brilliant job! I am very lucky to work with such talented and supportive people.

Each and every one of you is very special and unique. Continue to share your kindness and manners with the people who you live with, keep working hard and always stay positive and upbeat!

Miss Kilfoyle and Miss Sumner 

‘Open the Book’ at Home

A caring and enthusiastic man called Jon has kindly recorded an assembly for you to watch from the safety of his own home (it is seventeen minutes long). I watched it with my children and thoroughly enjoyed it and thought deeply about his message. It is based on a Bible story and we hope you enjoy it.


(06/04/2020) -

(27/04/2020) -

(14/05/2020) -

(08/06/2020) -

(12/06/2020) -

(15/06/20) -

We will continue to add new episodes as Jon records them. 


Please continue to read daily at home. If you have read your books at home, this link is great for online books and your parents can register for free.

Here is a link to a list of recommended reading books for year 3 children:

The Storyhouse Theatre are doing online daily story sessions for children at 4.30pm and 6pm


In our files we have included a list of the Year 3 and 4 common exception words. Only focus on six spellings at a time.Try to learn how to spell these words in fun ways:

Make the words out of blue tac or play dough, find the letters in old magazines and cut them up so you can make the word, make your own word search, turn them into artwork or see how many times you can write them in a minute with your eyes closed!  If like me, you love to play school, then give your teddy bears a weekly spelling test!

Outdoor Learning

We know how much you all enjoy the outdoors so have a look at this inspirational website It will be very difficult to choose which activity to do first!


We love exercising every day! It keeps us fit, makes us feel uplifted and helps us to focus. We have been taking part in Joe Wick's workout every day - it's so much fun! Make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear and have a bottle of water handy (you will certainly need it). He is live every morning at 9am, but you can do his workout at a time that suits you as they are all on his Youtube channel.


After you have done a Joe Wicks workout several times, you could make up your own routine! Write down your routine or film it and we promise we will try it out! Your ideas are always wonderful and we know how much you enjoy being active.

If you have got a skipping rope then try to use it for ten minutes every day. As I skip, I love to chant a rhyme - the chant below is my favourite!

'Mabel, Mabel, set the table, just as fast as you are able, don't forget the vinegar, mustard and red-hot pepper!'

Step-by-step drawing

Here is a fun website that has step-by-step instructions on how to draw a variety of different things. See what you can create!


We were last thinking about Jesus in art. Below are three ways how Jesus described himself.

  • ‘I am the bread of life':
  • 'I am the light of the world':
  • 'I am the good shepherd':

Do an internet search of examples of Christian art which show these ideas. Type in one at a time on an image search. What do you think Jesus was saying about himself? Why is this important to Christians? Create your own piece of art to show one or more of these concepts. It is up to you how you do it. Some ideas could be using lego / collage / a photo of props in your house / painting.

Have a look at some El Salvador Cross designs and have a go at designing one of your own based on a Bible story or one which celebrates nature or community. They are always bright with blocks of colour and black outlined. Do a Google image search “El Salvador Cross Designs”. You will lots of examples with Jesus on, The Last Supper, Noah’s Ark but also ones which celebrate nature and there is a special one in memory of a lady called Maria Gomez.


The website below has got some excellent ideas and resouces to inspire you in the kitchen! There are lots of activies about food, farming, keeping healthy and some scrumptious recipes. Take a look. We'd love to see some photos if you cook something!

STEM - this website has some nice ideas for things children could be doing at home related to Science , Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Learn to Sew

If you have got a sewing kit and some old material, have a go! Sewing is a wonderful life skill and is so enjoyable and relaxing.  Can you thread the cotton through the needle? Sew a button onto a piece of material? Sew two pieces of material together and tie a knot? Sewing gives me a great sense of achievement. I've still got a red cushion that I made when I was at school! If you would like to improve your sewing skills further, then take a look at the video link below. Enjoy!

Design your own board game and write instructions teaching people how to play.
Bonus challenge: Make the board game!


1) With an adult’s permission, log into Google Forms and continue (or create, if your survey is saved to your partner’s account) the surveys about school dinners that we started in school.
Go to Google Forms:
Username: your sumdog log in plus (e.g.

Password: your sumdog password with a w in front, with no spaces (e.g. wbowl28)


2) Did you know that you can use Scratch online for free?

Go to Scratch:

You can create a free Scratch account if you want to, and have permission from a grown up, but you don’t need an account to use it.

If you scroll down to our files at the bottom of this page, you will find a file called “Scratch Polygons and Patterns Challenge.”

This file will give you an algorithm for drawing a parallelogram. Have a go yourself by following the algorithm


Salut, la classe! Ca va toujours?    Albert and Annick say 'bonjour' !

Hope you have checked our new  MFL webpage under our school tab . Why not try to ' Learn French while having fun.' in the KS2 section ?  You will learn topics tailored to your age group through activities, games and songs. Don't forget about the   ‘Tote bag’ Design Competition  ( Deadline 15th of June)  All details can be found on the MFL webpage.

New! Home learning French booklets for all stages are now availableon the MFL webpage.This is a printable resource that you can do at your own pace.  

 Bonne chance et à bientôt!                                                                         Madame Saulnier                                                                                                  

News Items (September 2019 - March 2020)


It is a privilege to take our Year 3 children swimming each week. The progress they are making each week is exceptional and their enthusiasm is lovely. We assess the children throughout their lessons and make changes to the groups if we feel it is necessary.  It makes us smile each week to hear the children thanking the staff at the swimming pool and the bus driver. Our children have impeccable manners and are a delight to take out!

Our Trip to Little Neston Methodist Church

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Little Neston Methodist Church where we met lots of the characters from the Nativity Story. We increased our knowledge about the events of the Christmas Story and we asked lots of interesting and thoughtful questions. Year 3 walked sensibly and safely to the Church, and we would like to praise them for their beautiful manners that they used when members of the public kindly waited to let us pass. 

Geography - UK

The children have thoroughly enjoyed looking at a range of maps, photos, diagrams and research based on the UK. Please encourage them to explore their local environment and to bring in any examples of maps that you may come across. 

World Book Day

We had a memorable time on World Book Day, celebrating our love of books! Thank you to everyone for providing and helping the children with their imaginative costumes. The children enjoyed watching our staff performance of ‘Paddington Bear'. 









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