Year 2 2019 - 2020

Mr Webb

Miss Nesbitt

Year 2 Home Learning

Hello 2N and 2W! We hope you are all keeping safe, happy and healthy in the comfort of your own homes. It has been wonderful to hear how hard you have been working on your home learning packs and seeing your fabulous artwork on the school Twitter page! We miss all of your smiling faces, bubbly personalities and creative ideas! We are going to continue to update the Year 2 page with lots of different challenges for you to complete at home when you have chance. Keep up the hard work and we will hopefully see you all soon!

Miss Nesbitt & Mr Webb


Please follow the school Twitter page and have a go at the weekly competitions on there! This week's competition (week beg. 30.3.20) is for children to draw their pets and / or siblings and if they have no pets or siblings, they should draw their parents / carers.

English - Reading / spelling / writing


Update: English work is now on a separate page. The matching files are on that page too. Please click on the tab at the top of the Year 2 page, above 'Year 2 2019-2020.'

Please try to read 5 times a week.  Instead of reading whole books, read a few pages with your child and then ask 4-5 questions about what they have read to check their understanding (see reading skill question generator sheet attached). Likewise, if your child is listening to you read, make occasional mistakes to see if they are listening and following carefully. They then might like generate their own questions to check your understanding!

The following websites have online books / comics to read. Both websites are free.

Why not have a go at playing reading bingo? (see file attached)

Spelling of common exception words (see attached file for spellings)

Can you practise spelling four words at a time? Can you write the four words in different sentence types (see attached file on sentence types)?

For example

Word: Christmas.

Question: What do you like to eat for your Christmas dinner?

Statement: Christmas day is the 25th of December.

Exclamation: What a wonderful Christmas they had!

Command: Pull your Christmas crackers.


For other ideas see the spelling activities file.


Adding suffixes to words- Past Tense -

Please find attached the adding –ed rules and worksheets. If you cannot print the sheet, you can write the words / sentences on paper. There are 4 past tense spelling rules. Please focus on one rule a day, recapping them all on day 5. We have attached an ‘irregular past tense verb endings’ challenge for the children to move onto after this.

Book Review 

Choose one of the books you have read recently and write a detailed book review. We have attached a template for you to use below, however you could always create your own. We would love to display these posters when we return to school. You might like to give us a sneak peek and tweet us a picture of your review on the school twitter page!


Can you use the pre-cursive letter formation cards (see file attached) to help you form your letters. Focus letters this week: c, a, d, g, q.


Salut Year 2! Ca va toujours?    Albert and Annick say 'bonjour' !

Hope you have checked our new  MFL webpage under our school tab . In the KS1 section  you can practise French with the new' Home learning grid', play French games and sing along French songs. Don't forget about the   ‘Tote bag’ Design Competition  ( Deadline 15th of June)  All details can be found on the MFL webpage.

 A bientôt!                                                                         Madame Saulnier         


A Balanced Diet

  • What do humans need to stay healthy?
  • Why do we need to eat a variety of food? Why can’t we just have sugary foods like cake, chocolate and biscuits? What are the benefits of drinking water?
  • Establish that eating a good balance of different foods to stay healthy makes a balanced diet.
  • Introduce the food groups (fruit and vegetables, fats and sugars, milk and dairy, carbohydrates and protein). How much of each food group should we have each day?


  • What food can you find in your house? Can you identify which food group each item belongs to?
  • Can you design your own healthy packed lunch? Maybe, with the help of an adult, you could make your own healthy lunch and take a photograph of it to show us.
  • Create a food diary over 5 days (instructions and diary attached).
  • You might like to learn and perform the ‘Healthy Eating’ song (please see lyrics attached).


We're sure lots of you have been joining in with Joe Wicks but have you tried some yoga too?

Try Cosmic Yoga - videos on YouTube.


Fancy a challenge? Why not join in with Ollie Tunmer's online Body Percussion sessions.

These are delivered Monday- Friday 11am on Youtube.

Here are links to three of his videos to get you started,

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