ICT 04.05.20

ICT challenge for week beginning 04.05.20


As a class, we explored the app PicCollage earlier this year.

The challenge we would like to set you this week, is to see if you can make a collage of the animal you have researched for your English work (please see the file attached as an example). This is a free app so if you do not have it already, please politely ask your adult at home to download it for you.

You want your collage to reflect the information in your report. Things you might like to include are:

  • A photograph of your animal’s appearance.
  • Photographs of the things your animal eats.
  • A picture of the country/countries your animal is from on a world map.
  • A picture of their habitat.
  • An action shot of your animal in its natural setting e.g. pouncing, soaring in the sky, slithering on the ground, swinging from tree to tree.
  • Captions below each picture explaining what the image is of.

What to do:

  1. Download the PicCollage app.
  2. Open the app and click Freestyle.

Finding images

  1. Click the + symbol at the bottom of your screen and select Web Image.
  2. Type in what it is you would like to find a photograph of.
  3. Select the image you want and click the tick at the top of the screen.
  4. Place the image where you would like it to go on the page. You might like to make the image bigger or smaller. If you double tap the image, you can even cut out a specific part of it.
  5. Repeat the above steps until you have all of your images. You want to make sure you fill the page. You might like to overlap the images.

Adding captions

  1. Click the + symbol at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select add text.
  3. Type a brief explanation of what the picture shows.
  4. Resize the text and place it at the bottom of the image it describes.
  5. Can you change the font? Can you change the colour of your text and the colour of the background to your text? Remember it needs to be clear for your reader.

We would love to see what have created! If you would like to do so, please email in your finished collages!



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