English 22.05.20

Thank you to those children who have emailed in examples of their non-chronological reports and art work. We have love seeing how much effort and hard work you are putting in at home. Super job team! Keep it up!

Meerkat Mail

If you cannot remember the story, re-watch it using this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iptflWYEj8


Year 2 we have received a letter from someone needing our help! (See file attached)

Sandy must be very worried! What do you think you should do if someone goes missing or if you get lost?

We know that Sunny is somewhere in Woodfall Primary School so what could we put up around the school to tell everyone that Sunny is missing? (Missing poster)

If we created our own missing posters, what features might we need to include? (Photograph, bullet points, name, age, description of Sunny’s appearance). What tense would we write in? (Present tense because it is about what Sunny is like now).

As we want to find Sunny as soon as possible, we need to make sure we are using the correct scientific language for the body parts of a meerkat.

Look at the body parts below and see if you can match them up to what they are used for.

Good job!


Now we know what we are describing, have a look at the file called ‘Meerkat adjectives’. Can you sort the adjectives into the below three piles:

  1.  Fantastic word choices,
  2. Ok word choices
  3. Weak word choices/ don’t describe a meerkat.


If you are unsure about what the word means, ask an adult or use Google to look up the definition (ask an adult for permission to use the internet first). Which body part could the adjective describe?

Can you come up with 3 of your own adjectives to describe Sunny? How powerful is your word choice? Which pile would it belong in? Maybe you could use a thesaurus to improve it?



Can you use these adjectives to create expanded noun phrases that describe Sunny? Remember to generate a noun phrase for each body part.


For example:


Sunny has tall, strong and muscular hind legs.


Challenge- Can you expand your descriptive sentences using conjunctions?

Sunny has tall, strong and muscular hind legs which help him to stand up and look out for predators.



Now use your descriptive sentences to create your missing poster. See the file ‘Missing poster template’ attached.


Additional Challenges (see files attached):

- Meerkat Facts- Reading Challenge

- Meerkat Comprehension

- Creative writing

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